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Andreoli: “Family massacres? In the mind of the killer there is a sense of powerlessness”

Vittorino Andreoli: “The killers are often good people”


6 maggio 2022

Vittorino Andreoli: “The killers are often good people”

Vittorino Andreoli82 years old, one of the guru of psychoanalysis in Italy admits it without problems: “I’m afraid too. And who doesn’t have it in this period?

”His starts from here analysis of family massacres which in the last period have multiplied. The last in chronological order was the one in province of Varesewhere last Tuesday Alessandro Maja killed a hammered there wife and the daughter and seriously injured the other eldest son. “We are getting impoverished in a sick society that in this moment – Andreoli explains to the Press – has one very high fever: after two years of pandemic and with the prospect of a atomic warfareit is almost astonishing that there are no more family massacres… “.

“In the subjects who carry out these gestures – continues Andreoli to the Press – there are three components that intertwine: despair, self-destruction, fear of not making it. It has nothing to do with it nothing there depression. The depressed person just kills himself. Here, on the other hand, the sense of helplessness, that is, the desperation of when one perceives that one’s condition can no longer change. It must be said that a economic regression always matches one civilization regression. Mostly in the provinceplaces where appearing, seeming, is very important and when it happens that perhaps the possibility of appearing as one was or would like to be is lacking collapses. Normally they are good people, just as their neighbors tell. And in their destructiveness they have no hatredthey almost feel the ache from the person that they kill is that it’s usually the one they love“.